I wasn’t surprised Hushpuppi got arrested because I warned him – Music executive Soso Soberekon (Video)

I wasn’t surprised Hushpuppi got arrested because I warned him – Music executive Soso Soberekon (Video)

In a recent statement, Soso Soberekon, a well-known Nigerian music executive, revealed that he was not surprised by the arrest of the popular socialite, Hushpuppi.

During the interview, Soberekon admitted that he was friends with Hushpuppi and would often hang out with him whenever he traveled to Dubai.

Soberekon mentioned that he had cautioned Hushpuppi about his extravagant spending habits and his tendency to flaunt his wealth on social media before his arrest. He had warned Hushpuppi that his activities could lead to his arrest.

Expanding on his thoughts, Soberekon expressed his disappointment whenever young people resorted to fraudulent activities, money rituals, or other criminal means to make quick money. He advised the youth to cultivate patience in their pursuit of wealth and a comfortable life.

Hushpuppi, along with his associate Mr. Woodberry, pleaded guilty in a United States court and were ordered to return $8 million, which they had obtained through fraudulent means. They were subsequently sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Reactions to Soberekon's statement varied among social media users:

- frank343413: You claim to be friends with Hushpuppi, but you insist you never engaged in any business dealings with him. Is it only women that grown men like you discuss?

- 1stkvng_: When the cat is away, the mice will play. Do you look up to Hushpuppi now?

- blac.nasa: Please keep your opinions to yourself. One day, your own misdeeds will be exposed. By the way, who is without sin? This podcast is affecting your reasoning and speech.

- pengestmami: Tsk tsk tsk! You talk excessively for a man. Disappointing. 💀

- meratelivinglarge: You warn someone who has more money than you do, but they won't listen.

- ms_leemart: It's astonishing how you defraud people of their hard-earned money and flaunt it shamelessly, knowing that you have no legitimate source of income to justify your lavish lifestyle.

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