Article: SUN - Written By Tinyang_Andenyang

 S U N

Oboi, the SUN don't care about us regardless of how we are feeling.

It does not care whether we're mourning, broke, depressed, sick or tired. Is going to shine every morning, your feelings won't stop it and the moon will be there every night, that's how days will be going by but what have you done ? Are you still waiting for your rich uncles or for the government? Before you start chasing your goals. There are people who can be successful and those who want to be successful but where do you belong?

Rich and poor have equal time but how they use determine what they become. You wish to make impact but you spend 8 hours pressing your phone and also thinking about things you see online and it made you lose your creativity. Go to the ants and learn, without leader gather during winter and wait for summer. You have the same time with every great person you admired, what are you going to do about it?

Article: SUN - Written By Tinyang_Andenyang

When you give your half self in to a thing you produce half result. But if you give your full self, you produce great results.




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