Politic: Governor Fintiri has missed Road - George Kushi

RE : Governor Fintiri has missed Road - George Kushi

 RE : Governor Fintiri has missed Road - George Kushi

In the last few days, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri seems to be at the receiving end of political discourses in Adamawa State. The events,largely created by others are highly modelled to create disaffection between people ,but above all to cause disharmony inside the PDP, ,the ruling party in Adamawa State.

 For dubios reasons ,agents within the PDP in the state are having a field day trying to cause disaffection by pitting the former Vice President,Atiku Abubakar against Governor Fintiri. In a guilefull move ,the opposition seems to have first of all employed the services of a member of the House of Representatives and later added Zayyad Muhammad to deploy all means to ensure that the PDP is fractured and rendered impotent politically. This plan , like many others before it ,is doomed to fail.

Zayyad, the newly recruited pen has it in his mind to tell all that will listen to him that Fintiri has done nothing good in the state, in his words " Fintiri has failed to manage the complex nature of Adamawa politics,he has failed to consolidate his position as Governor so as to oil PDP politics and prepare the party for the 2023 election', To create more mischief ,he has chorused a new song of mischief by synchronising a line that is trying to pitch Fintiri's supporters against Atiku's so as to diminish the PDP's chances in the state and Nigeria as a whole. Short of invectives,these people with aligned interest have decided to pick up inquensequential issues that could further be used to cause a rift, disunite the party and place their principals at a vantage point. Their lies,just like the previous ones have been laid bare and there will be no fight in the PDP they way they are envisaging or trying to create.

Zayyad claims that Fintiri is a novice and does not have the capacity to manage Adamawa politics. Can that be said about the man that handled the PDP National Convention like no other person before? I think he needs to get a chronological order of the PDP National assignments (such as superintending over ward congresses in various PDP states across Nigeria) Fintiri has handled in the past and even in recent times

Is there anybody that has done the first time better than Fintiri? Fintiri is the model governor of the start that has exemplified the taste for meaningful development in the state and is a national pacesetter. 

And for all to hear, Fintiri is not in contest with Wazirin Adamawa Atiku Abubakar and has always wished him well. One wonders what this hired gun wants to achieve. If he is an Atiku supporter he should be doing all in his power button to mend fences where there is a breach and not engage in chicanery capable of ruining both sides of his discourse. 

Atiku is much revered in Nigeria and therefore does not deserve to be dragged into nonsensical debates in a bid for relevance or a morsel of bread that Atiku is generous with. Atiku needs all people of goodwill on his side. He needs you,me and all Nigerians; high and low.

Fintiri also needs Atiku Abubakar as a party member. Although some would want to make it appear that Fintiri owes his seat due to Atiku's stature, tt should be taken into account that the gubernatorial votes cast and that of the presidency differ, a clear indication that people had and will always have preferences.

For all concerned, the political equation in Adamawa has never been balllanced. The political pendulum has been oscillating to and fro since the state was created. There is no "be it all" nor an "end all in all" in the state. We are in a symbiotic atmosphere and are therefore hell bent on doing away with desperate word peddlers and fifth columnist trying to destroy our party, people and state by sowing seeds of discord.

But for all that it is worth, the author should have taken heed of Fintiri's antecedents;Fintiri was not mentored by Atiku Abubakar,he was a grassroots politician catapulted to the center by the people of his constitutuency,honored to be the first among equals by his colleagues,became Acting governor by the accident of Fortune and was elavated to the position of Governor by the virtue of love. With this no one should take offence:it is an act of God

George Kushi is the Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Adamawa State

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