Arewa Interview: Who's Buckie Murda?


Arewa Interview: Who's Buckie Murda?

Arewa Interview: Who's Buckie Murda?

Buckie Murda A Prolific Gang Boss, an Adamawa base Hardcore Rapper is set to release his debut Mixtape Album Tagged "BUCKIE SEASON" This was revealed in an interview we had with him, But before he released his Mixtape Album Freshflaver Media had an Exclusive Interview with him to get to know who's  Buckie Murda.

Below is the Interview With him. 

Can we get to know you?

My names is Hope Paul Obadiah I hail from Adamawa state Demsa LGA (Bille District). Born and brought up in jimeta, I reside in Jimeta jambutu currently.

Am a photographer and a rap artist, I started music back in 2013 officially with my first rap group YSTSB (Young Stars To Shine Bright) and we parted ways somewhere around 2017/18, I was schooling at Futy then and I hook with new friends with same passion also we rolled did allot even had a record but not under any group until the death of Nipsey Hussle we came up with a gang n called it PROLIFIC cuz we all Nipsey' fan.Prolific consist of Buckie Murda(Me), JuiceBwai and Kay Frey.
I want to still throw a shout out to my former crew members (YSTSB) cuz we still together as bloods everybody cuz the are the same niqqax I grew up with talking bout Dave Scar, D_Skillz and Solidswags I love n respect them cuz we made allot of good music together and how we ran the crew was magnificent.
This me in few lines.

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What drew you to the music industry?

Music is me so am being me if you check out my stuff I always spit it how it is, well first I grew up listening to music at a young age late late 90' early 2000 that's when I knew music and it became something I could lean on when am bored, tired, stressed or in pain apart from God ultimately, remember.

Somewhere around 2005 when I used to stay at my Granny's crib when my mates I mean my cousins be be watching movies in the living room we're like not less than 8 apart from aunties and other relations watching you know how it goes then but ill be at my uncle's window from outside listening to 50 Cent he's playing he never knew about this until like 2 years ago so music been my thing, it's something I wanna do for life.

Who are you inspired by?

Am inspired by allot of these great in hip hop, people like Notorious Big, 2pac, The Lox, DmX, Nas, Fred the godson, Kanye West and so more I listen to allot of them down in Nigeria Mi, Ice Prince, Vector, Reminsce, Mode 9, Da Grin you know Rugged Man etc

In Yola there's Martino I came across his music before I started even tho I knew I was gonna join him in it but his music impacted on me and Kave recalled starting plenty times the producer would record him in my session after waiting all day for my session, it was a privillage tho Rip then Karamz, Natty Bard, Raino, Hip Akadmy etc...

Please explain your creative process
What’s an average day like for you?

Well my creative process is all in the mind, it's comes on when ever I put anything to do in mind.
An average day is me reaching my goals ahead of time.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

There's always a meaning in all my art, I may not call names but it's always real for if I feel pain I say it if a niqqa is snitching or switching I say it for instance am a photographer and I rap too so I got a lot of folks on different fields so sometimes I might be talking to someone in my photo business n others rappers take it offensive but you know what? IDGAF cuz they all relate to whatever it is.

Do you collaborate with others? If yes
What is that process?

I do interact with other artist ofcuz but a few just the real of the realest.

To be frank I barely pay niqqax for collabs at this level cuz 1. We all underground so we all need to put in more work and secondly cuz I also do free work but anything after my mixtape I can pay hopefully and get paid too. At least appreciate in a way like getting discount for charges

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans

Actually this question is something I have to be more open about, our listeners here don't actually support or care but ain't nothing wrong with all that it's about believe so if you believe me here's where I relate with fans and I be so cool even tho am on of the hardest niqqax you'll ever meet.
On IG @prolificbuckiemurda
On Twitter @prolificbuckiemurda
Audiomack @ Buckie Murda

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Do you have any projects coming up?

Yeah I have my mixtape coming up

Tell us about the project and the release date.

The mix tape comprises of 14 newly recorded tracks n few bonus tracks. I titled it BUCKIE SEASON cuz it 2022 and my birthday day is 22 April and more to it this is 2022, imagine me wanting to drop a project 2020 I couldn't it cuz the season was not then.

BUCKIE SEASON was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sharplex, I gotta get him more credit cuz he's been really supportive you know.
Album art and other designs to be out real soon are done by Dyse Creations and Steve Lyte.
Tape is gonna be on some streaming site and of course FreshFlaver, am really grateful y'all been supportive from over the years also. May God reward.

This tape is my first musical project as a rap artist so I really really went hard on and real on it. It comprises of my challenges and set backs it's my story if you real you can relate.The mixtape comprises of allot of Giants in the state talking bout Martino, Karamz, Natty Bard, Prolific, Skofflaw, AMB Nektah, Kensino and lots more. It's gonna be allot of bars on it. This hip hop you know.

I intend to drop it 22-4-22 that's my birthday date this year. I haven't drop anything official about it like I said its my first project so more concerned about the hardest part of it and am doing it my way. So watch out next...

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly side of Music Entertainment.

What really inspired you to record this project?

It's my struggles and all I been through

What's your favorite song in the project and why?

It's hard to say for me cuz I love every record but just to answer, I'd say a couple of em like Murda Gang, We Outside (prolific), Mama, GOAT TALK and Fake etc.

Your least favorite in your songs? Why?

I don't got non

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Starting up there's anxiety I started music with my pair but I always been a superior to my pairs in general so I been a boss non of those feelings ever got my freaky

Tell me about your favorite performance venues

At Bencity Night 2021 at Karewa Nice Bar

Where do you see yourself in 5 years to come?

I see myself as abig boss, as a father, as a business man and a Godly man still in the game doing it big.
Marriage won't stop me from doing this music business

Do you have anything to say on the on-going crisis in the music industry in Adamawa State?

15. Adamawa state entertainment industry is in a crises but It don't got non to do with me sorry to say cuz I want to make my music outside Africa if Yola boys can't sit together there's always gonna be crisis.

I suggest we come together as an association not under on entity really since nobody wants that. But I feel bad for what is happening cuz I tell you the action of some of these rap niggas affected even me that did non to nobody cuz I followed all the steps to where am at now.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Be to yourself, stay to yourself, trust nobody. And don't stop till your casket drops. Be real and don't feel sorry for being that. Just know allot will hate few will love but don't give up the pain won't kill you, once it accumulate it burst out.


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