How To Fix Adsense Ads.txt On WordPress

How To Fix Adsense Ads.txt On WordPress

 Assuming that you are a google distributer, you could have gone over the ads.txt warning in your google AdSense dashboard, whether you are another distributer or an old distributer.


In this article, I will rattle off the straightforward strides to fix ads.txt on WordPress facilitated sites or sites.

One thing you should know about is that, leaving this notice unfixed could not actually represent an issue to your AdSense record or blog however why not fix it in any case?

Steps To Fix Adsense Ads.txt on WordPress

  1. Go to your google AdSense dashboard where the notice is shown.
  2. Click on the "Fix Now" choice.
  3. Click on "Make an ads.txt document for site".
  4. Cycle to tap on " Download".
  5. On hitting the download button, a download of the ads.txt document will be naturally started and you will be told that download is effective.
  6. Go to the download page and snap on the downloaded document to open it.
  7. In the wake of opening, you will see a google code: select and duplicate the code.
  8. Make a beeline for your WordPress dashboard and snap on the route button by the upper left.
  9. Click on "Module > Add New"
  10. Look for "ads.txt chief".
  11. Introduce the second one with over 100,000+ dynamic establishments.
  12. Subsequent to introducing, actuate the module.
  13. Return to your route button and snap on "Settings > Ads.txt"
  14. Subsequent to opening, glue the google code you duplicated before from the downloaded record.
  15. Click on save changes.

With this you have repaired the ads.txt pop shown on your AdSense account. To confirm you added the code accurately: open an undercover tab and type your URL with ads.txt. For instance: and the code you added will be shown.

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