History will never forget so quick how an interesting scenario played out n 1983 when Nigeria  expelled two million undocumented West African migrants, half of whom were from Ghana .

 The sturdy, checked bags into which they packed their belongings have become a symbol of exclusion and intolerance.

 Nearly four decades later, the region is yet to confront its emotional baggage.

The bags had always been popular: they were big and spacious and sturdy enough for long-haul travel. 

But it was when people started calling them “Ghana must go” bags that the young man  knew it was time to leave. The bags followed him home, as he crossed two countries to return to Ghana and, 36 years later, they still stare at him from stores on every corner — with the same cursed name.

 They represent a period of despair that many Ghanaians would rather forget.

“I was not ready  to leave,” said Acquaye, now 67. “I had just one bag with me.”

Recall Ghana  did same to Nigeria before Nigeria retaliated in 1983.

Ghana first did it to Nigerians after they discovered gold deposits in their country then after so many years Nigeria retaliated after they found crude oil in their country and Ghanaians started enjoying a good Nigerian environment but not all, there's still many Ghanaian grandchildren in Nigeria

But today, Nigerians are trooping to Ghana for a better life..

Ghana achieved this through a refined system of governance where they removed corruption to its minimum.

Good leadership is the key to a better living condition for any nation.


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