ENVISAGING THE FINTIRI WIN: With or without court rulling on Adamawa APC

ENVISAGING THE FINTIRI WIN: With or without court rulling on Adamawa APC

ENVISAGING THE FINTIRI WIN: With or without court rulling on Adamawa APC

The crisis rocking the APC in Adamawa is only a part of  the jaundiced nature of the party as a whole. For quite some time  governor Ahmadu Umaru  Fintiri had diagnosed and declared the APC as clinically dead,a fact proved by the symptomic heaving of an inflated chest,but with a dead brain. What is currently taking place is akin to maggots feasting on the carcass. 

For one,Ribadu knew why he went to court. He is not a non-starter in the Adamawa political space He has participated in several primary elections, he was once in forefront of a PDP primary election for Adamawa being controversially forced to take place in Abuja instead of Yola. As a candidate has stayed long in the game he even sought for  the  presidency and failed.

 His failure to secure a governorship ticket this time around and subsequent annulment of the APC guber primaries however does not mean anything to close observers of Adamawa politics that have long understood that it is only the PDP that exist in Adamawa following the unending internal wranglings that have rocked the party since it's inception.

The Justice Anka ruling in the Binani/Ribadu case therefore only highlights  the polarization that has  consumed the party. 

The effect of the judgement would not have had any effect on the general elections, not withstanding who the APC fields. The annulment however might only save our peace-loving populace the noisy display of  unruly character by thugs of the now prostrate APC. As has been long expected,the team-up that became the APC was a  gang-up of frustrated actors craving for power that came together to satisfy their individual selves.

It is therefore not surprising that at the Federal level someone is claiming that it is his turn and at all levels a rudderless APC is gradually drifting off to self- destruction.

While the APC is suffering from an incurable and unknown ailment both at the national and state level,the ever vigilant PDP has not rested in its drive to move the country forward. Although the continuous squabbling of the party will create a superficial problem to the electoral process,it will have no adverse effect on the outcome of the elections as a whole. The fact is that the APC is a house of cards that is fast crumbling.

On the other hand the PDP in Adamawa is waxing stronger. The combined efforts of all members of the party is proving to be invincible. Under the combined leadership of Atiku Abubakar,Ahmadu Fintiri and a host of others,the party has been moving from strength to strength. Those that left its fold are fast trooping back. At the state level the party has waxed stronger than it had ever been for quite some years. 

In Adamawa the road to victory in 2023 does not include a Binani disqualification,a Nuhu Ribadu factor or a Justice Anka ruling. The determining factor is the coming together of good men, an electorate that have  seen visible development and as displayed by a purposeful leadership which has ushered in and will continue to usher in the needed FRESH AIR!!!

Time is ticking for another reality to dawn as it did in 2019. The only difference now will be that in 2023 the victory will be overwhelming!!!

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