6 Key Things To Look Out For When Buying Flowers Online

 6 Key Things To Look Out For When Buying Flowers Online 

6 Key Things To Look Out For When Buying Flowers Online

Globally, fresh flowers and Forever Roses have always been a way to appreciate and express feelings for a lady, and are increasingly a favorite gift to send to ladies in Nigeria, especially in Lagos and Abuja, as they are seen as a romantic gesture that shows that we care about the receiver.

The first-time buyer is however often at a loss as to what to consider before making a purchase and this post is primed to help you make an informed decision when buying flowers online.

For this, we spoke to the two leading fresh flower shops in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, Regal Flowers, and Floralhub.com.ng on what to consider, so without further ado, let’s get to it:

1. Do they have an attractive presentation of flowers 2. Does the flower shop sell other gift items

3. Price

4. Are They Middle Men or Local Florists

5. What kind of reviews do they get

6. Do they offer same-day delivery service

1. Do they have an attractive presentation of flowers?

When you buy flowers online for delivery in Abuja or flower delivery in Lagos, the variety, combination, and packaging of the flowers offered are some important factors to consider.

While there are flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, lilies etcetera, it is equally important for them to have a variety of ways of arranging them, such as in bouquets, stylish boxes, and so on.

2. Does the flower shop sell other gift items

To show more affection, you can add gifts alongside the flowers. It is logical to look out for a florist in Abuja or florist in Lagos that can also suggest gifts you can add to make the person feel special and also have a variety of them available so you can select from them.

This would help you make the right choices especially because they are experienced in their field and understand the need for gifts.

These gifts could include chocolates, cakes and cupcakes, champagne, teddies, perfumes, gift sets and more. These are all great gift choices to send to a lady in Lagos or Abuja

3. Prices

It would be amiss not to mention pricing as a factor to consider. However, don’t be overly fixated on pricing as there are various grades of flowers, and fresh flowers are a luxurious item that is specially treated, imported into Nigeria, and then flown to Lagos and from there to Abuja.

This is especially important as you are buying the flowers with one goal in mind: to make someone feel special, which to be honest, might mean focusing on the quality, not just the price.

Most florists also have flowers for different budgets, so there are usually flowers for every budget

4. Are They Middle Men or Local Florists

It is very important to buy flowers from a website belonging to a local flower shop in Abuja or a flower shop in Lagos rather than those belonging to middlemen because local florists in Lagos and Abuja not only have a better understanding of flowers, but they also have better quality and prices generally.

5. Authenticity, Reviews and Social Media

Reviews are important when buying anything online, not just flowers. If you can, look for the number of quality reviews on the website and see how many people have given the florist in Lagos or Abuja positive feedback.

If there are lots of negative reviews, that’s clearly a red flag. A high star rating is an indication of quality and consistency across all touchpoints.

If you can, also check if their pictures seem lifted from the internet or are actually authentic. E.g. their name or logo would be inside the actual picture

Their social media is another place to check. Do they look active or abandoned which might mean they are not so professional with their approach to things. Note however that this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker on its own as some flower shops might simply not be social media savvy.

6. Do they offer same-day delivery service?

Before going ahead to place an order for delivery in Lagos or Abuja, always ensure delivery is possible for the day you need it for. While some flower stores in Lagos and Abuja might offer same-day delivery, delivery during weekends, and even specify the expected time of arrival after an order has been placed, some might not.

It is necessary to know if the company offers same-day delivery service in Lagos and Abuja. These are important things to note for anyone who wants their fresh flowers delivered in Lagos and Abuja without delay.

There you have it; these are the few things to look out for when buying flowers online in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. Have some tips in mind? Share in the comment below.

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