Heidi Korth announces divorce from Sina Rambo, set to give out diamond wedding rings (Video)

Heidi Korth announces divorce from Sina Rambo, set to give out diamond wedding rings (Video)

Heidi Korth, the former wife of Nigerian rapper Sina Rambo, has made an announcement on Instagram, revealing that she is officially divorced from him.

In a surprising move, Heidi Korth shared a video on her Instagram story, showcasing her wedding band and disclosing her divorce. She expressed her intention to give away the ring to a couple who are planning to get married.

It is worth noting that back in April, Intel Region reported that Heidi Korth and Sina Rambo had reconciled, and she was even spotted in Abuja.

Watch the video below;

In the video, Heidi Korth stated, "Hey guys, this is my wedding ring. Since I am officially divorced, I want to give it to someone who's getting married. So if you're getting married soon and you need a ring, hit me up. It's diamond and really cute."

Reactions to the announcement varied among social media users:

- asoebiplugandstyles: When you have issues with your partner, especially if they are popular or part of your family, the best thing you can do is walk away silently. Social media has never solved any issues, if you check history. You can't publicly call out your in-laws and expect them to respond. People will tell you to speak up, but they just want gossip. It's okay to seek therapy if you want to talk to someone, but remember that social media is just for gossip. If you walk away silently, there's a possibility you can reconcile in the future. Note this, I'm not against speaking up; there are many people to talk to. They will tell you to do what's best for you, but you'll face the consequences later. I feel for her because it's obvious from her voice that she has been crying. 😢 May God heal all broken hearts.

- chyomsss: You want to give someone a ring from a failed marriage? That's a sign of bad luck for the intending couple.

- ayisesther: I haven't seen anything that would make me divorce or leave my marriage, as long as there's no physical abuse. I'm guarding my home jealously.

- the_monumental_guy: So someone should use a ring from a failed marriage to get married? That's tragic.

- macdenemmanuel: In all that you do, make sure you marry someone who isn't obsessed with social media.

- harriet.ok: It's simple. If you want to get married, take the ring, sell it, and use the money to cook rice for your guests. 😂😂 Don't wear it and enter your own marriage, though.

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