Werey, you go buy car and your family dey suffer – Singer Portable drags Zinoleesky (Video)

Werey, you go buy car and your family dey suffer – Singer Portable drags Zinoleesky (Video)

Controversial Nigerian artist Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has sparked online controversies by sharing his views on the ongoing feud between Zinoleesky and Seyi Vibez.

Portable's reaction came after Zinoleesky raised the stakes by flaunting his newly acquired Ferrari worth N149 million.

In a video circulating on social media, Portable took shots at his colleague Zinoleesky, accusing him of buying the Ferrari to flaunt his wealth and overshadow Seyi Vibez, his rival. 

Portable went on to criticize Zinoleesky for being a reckless spender, suggesting that he should have used the money to take care of his family and parents who are allegedly suffering.

The video generated mixed reactions online, with some users advising Portable to refrain from commenting on matters that do not concern him and not risk losing his fan base.

However, there were also supporters of Portable, praising his talent and expressing admiration for him.

Others dismissed Portable's comments, calling him derogatory names and questioning his relevance.

One user expressed sympathy for Zinoleesky's parents, implying that they are facing financial hardships.

Another user sarcastically acknowledged Portable's statement, emphasizing that he should be happy for his friend and not harbor envy.

A different user questioned the behavior of artists like Portable, suggesting that they engage in unnecessary online drama instead of focusing on their craft.

It is important to note that the above text is a fictional rewrite and does not reflect any real events or statements made by the individuals mentioned.

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